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        I am setting up this web site as a way of preserving the information that I've collected on my own family lines and as a way of sharing the information with others.  This page is written for my family and their children and other relatives who care about where we originated from.  This information represents my research from many printed, verbal and electronic sources and not all have been verified with primary records as you will see with the Dow line.

    By sharing my information with others, I hope to fill in the gaps of missing data such as, place of births and deaths, and to complete the listings of parents and children.  I hope to continue to improve the contents of these pages.  Please point out any discrepancies or additional information you might like to share with me.  I'd be happy to hear from you.  With your help, I'd like to learn more information regarding my family lines.  Just send an email or leave a message on my message board.

This web site is still under construction and will probably continue to be that way due to additional information I've researched or received such as, new members born, married, divorced or deaths.  There will be more information to come as I find or receive it.


I am researching Day, O'Dea, Dow, Morse and eventually Mead (see Additional Day page for a little information on Mead).  These are just a few of the families I've researched so far that are connected with my family.  Right now, I'm concentrating on the Days and O'Deas.

My ancestors came from Ireland, the exact location is unknown at this time.  They settled in New Jersey, mainly in the northern part of the state.  I want to locate the townland or part of the townland where my great-grandfather, Michael C. Day; his parents, Patrick Day and Mary (nee O'Dea); and his siblings, John, Thomas, Nick, Jack, Jim and Mary (aka Mamie) were born and from which they left Ireland for America.  I would like to eventually visit the area they were from and also learn of any living relatives in Ireland, the United States and elsewhere.